Round 3

Monday, November 30, 2009

Vlcd 2 - Down 3.5

It's 1:54 am and I cannot I decided to weigh myself. 214lbs. I will be happy when I break 209. I have had trouble sleeping ever since taking hcg...small price to pay though. Take a melatonin and drink a cup of tea...that's what I'll do. Hmmm. I wonder will I be the same in the morning....probably so.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

VLCD 1 - Whew! Down 4lbs

Weighed in at 217.5 this morning - that's 4 of the 11lbs I gained on 4 days of loading. The first day went really well, I wasn't hungry at all. I had gotten non-fat creamer for my coffee but decided not to use it yesterday and used milk. I spread my meals out throughout the day and I was alright. I drank plenty of water and tea. I couldn't sleep Friday night and took melatonin last night. I've been waking frequently during the night and was uo before 7am this am. This seems to be the only side effect I'm experiencing. Looking forward to tomorrows WI.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

11/27/09 - R1P1 ...Totally stuffed!

Post load weight 221.5, I am ashamed to say. I had been working since with my doctor since August and was down to 209 from 228. (which is why I loaded for more than 1 day - although only seriously on the R1P1.) All I can say is this better work....that's 10.5 lbs gained in 4 days. I actually started letting my good eating habits go on Tuesday (party at work) and started major loading hcg on Thanksgiving. Sweet potatoe pie, apple pie, pancakes , stuffing, cake...I really gorged for 2 days and I felt terrible :( I'll just follow the program and see what happens.

Yesterday I shopped for all of my supplies...Tom's toothpaste, baby oil, I already use dial so that was good. I bought a food scale, apples, grapefruit, non fat creamer (not on list) cucumbers...couldn't find bread sticks or melba toast at Walmart though. I'll go to Price Chopper today. I use Base Escentuals which is mineral make-up so it not a problem and I'm glad for that!
I took my dose of hcg about 8:45am today and I welcome vlcd1!I'm ready to do this thing! I'll let you know in the am if I have a loss.