Round 3

Saturday, February 6, 2010

p3d18 - up 2.6

weighed in at 192.6 this am. Had a very crazy day yesterday; didn't go food shopping Thursday as planned since my grandbaby was born. It snowed all day Friday and I didn't have a thing in the house that I could eat. Woke up late. Didn't eat a thing until about 5 and that was the cheese and pep off of about 4 slices of pizza. Had a angus, mushroom and swiss for dinner w/o bread of course. ate the entire lot of cocoa crack and finished off the peanut butter. Steak day today!
Happy losing!


  1. oops! Maybe that cocoa crack helped offset some of the foods? It'll come off, don't worry. You really are in a weight zone, and have been pretty stable, within a pound or two. Its great!

  2. Congratulations Grandma!! You are in for a lot of fun!! Hope the steak day worked!


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