Round 3

Sunday, February 7, 2010

p3d19 - down 1

weighed in at 191.6. Steak days don't works really well for me. This is my second and each time I lost 1lb.

Tomorrow I start'll be day 21 for me. or is day 22 d1 of p4? Amyhow, I had oatmeal today for lunch. It's made with flaxeed and has no sugar.I figured one day wouldn't make a difference. We will see tommorrow. And since I did have oatmeal, there will be no peanut butter or cocoa crack. That was my treat for today and it was yummy!

Happy losing!

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  1. Probably P4 for you should begin Tuesday, but at this point, what's the diff? You've already shown you're stabilizing very well!


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