Round 3

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

r2p2d 5 & 6 -1

weighed in at 194.8 this am.

I've been really busy and bummed because I've gained all that weight during load. I guess I won't feel better until I reach 190. Then the "real" loss begins.

I've been sticking strictly to protocol. Chicken , cucumbers and tomato soup. Except for Sunday I made hot cocoa from Cocoa powder and the tomato soup wasn't my was seasoned, so I'm staying away from both. I'm doing a jay robb shake tonight for dinner.

Thank you all for your encouraging words! I really appreciate them and you! :)


  1. Keep on keeping on, Gena- Those extra lbs should help with the hunger you would otherwise be feeling this week. Its ALL gonna come off PLUS lots more!!

  2. Thanks Diva. I know what you are saying is true, however, it still sucks! I will just keep on, keeping on.


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