Round 3

Monday, February 15, 2010

R2p1d1 - up 4.6

201 this am! I could barely type this. ughhhhhh! If I have learned one thing is that carbs definately puts the weight on me. Even though in R1 I lost the load weight in 2 days, I'm trying not to put on 7lbs loading like I did in R1... but it looks like I'm on my way there.

Happy day to you! ( I feel fat!) Bleh!!! I have on my fat suit today! bleh!!! The up side is that my fat suit is a suit I couldn't fit for years.


  1. It will come off quickly, Gena- Don't skimp on loading, it will help you in the first week not to have any hunger issues. You're going to have a good R2!

  2. I started R2 and my husband R1 on Saturday. He is very excited about doing this. I will have to prepared his foods in advance for his runs to Florida. I keep you updated.

  3. It'll be okay Gena - it's going to come off and then some. I understand though, I hated when I gained during R2 loading. It's hard after losing so much weight to accept a gain. But it's necessary! :-) You'll do fantastic!

  4. No worries - that will come off quickly!! Good luck this round!

  5. i hate the load before the loss too, but it's the right thing to do huh!? :) good luck on r2.


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