Round 3

Monday, January 25, 2010

p3d6 - down 1

weighed in at 192. this am. Results not good. It's either because I didn't get up until around 11am and therefore didn't have a full day of fasting or it's the pork steak i used. I'm still 2.4 lbs over so today I'm trying the apple & cheese day which I hear people have had success with. I'll keep you posted.
Happy losing!


  1. Keep at it, Gena- You're only 0.4 over your 2lb-LDW/LIW. You look great-

  2. So I just need to get under 2lbs????? I'm thinking I need to lose the 2.4 (ideally)

  3. Apple and Cheese day works great! I did a mini one in P2 and loss 1.6 pounds. 1 apple and 1 oz cheese for B-L-Dinner. Plenty of water.

  4. Keep us posted on you rresults - I am hoping that the apple/cheese days will be a saver when the steak days arent quite enough. Mmmm.... pork steak :)


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