Round 3

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

p3d8 - down 1.8

weighed in at 190.2 this am. This calls for some cocoa crack tonite! The problem was that I needed smooth move. I haven't had any "action" since starting p3. I'm going to look for chocolate smooth move...can't stand the original...
Yesterday I ate:

breakfast - atkins shake
snack - apple & cheese cubes (6-8)
diet coke
lunch - collard greens and pork steak
snack - apple
dinner - pork steak ( didn't really want dinner but figured I'd better eat anyway to get my calories in)

I know I said I'd cook beef, but I didn't thaw it. I've found something that doesn't affect my weight, has a good balance of protein and fat. Easy to make - just season and put in the oven, and affordable. Soon...( I don't know when) I'm going to add salmon to my diet and chicken soup in order to get my veggies.

Enjoy your day!


  1. OK, Gena, spill: what is cocoa crack? I must know! I'm sure its delicious!

    You amaze me at how well you're stabilizing! Keep it up-

  2. Thanks Diva! Not to speak to soon but before hcg it took my scale 3 o 4 months just to lose 9lbs. The scale wouldn't move. Unfortunately, I think I'm an expert at it.(being stable)Only in this case it;s working for me! I love hcg!


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