Round 3

Sunday, January 31, 2010

p3d12 - up .4

weighed in at 190.8. New foods yesterday included:

buttered popcorn (shared w/hubby)- went to see the Book of Eli

Sushi rolls (10) - salmon, avocado, cream cheese - I forgot they were rolled in rice...didn't eat it the rice though. The salmon on the side was also sweet...I ate it. Started to have a drink as alcohol is allowed and is my custom when I go japanese... but... really didn't want it :)

sugar free hot chocolate from books a million w/milk and whipped cream

peanut butter and cocoa crack (my version of reese's peanut butter cups)

smooth move tea at the end of the night (bleh!) gotta keep things moving

Note to self: Saturdays are the days I'll need to recover from. It was awesome to eat foods I haven't had in a while! Going to try mug cake tonite!

Happy losing!


  1. I must say AGAIN, (I know I am repeating myself!) how very well you are stabilizing. I love that you got to enjoy some yummy treats yesterday, and only saw a 0.4lb increase! Its amazing, isn't it? Those 'reese's' treats sound scrumptious! I'm definitely going to make those in my P3- thanks for the idea! Is your peanut butter sugar free? if so, what brand is it?

  2. Smuckers natural peanut butter is the only one whose ingredients are peanuts and salt.
    You are doing great yourself lady!

  3. Thank you- I'm going to get me some Smuckers! I start P3 in about another week or so, and I want to be prepared-

  4. You are still within range, that's awesome Gena! How did you like Book of Eli, we were thinking about see that...


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