Round 3

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

p3d7 - no change

weighed in at 192.00 and you know what??? I'm not going to stress over it. One thing I know about my body from pre - hcg experiences is that I can hold fast to one number on the scale without budging. so if I'm at 192, so be it. I'll eat clean , be happy and enjoy the new me. I've picked up a couple of good habits from p2: bringing my lunch to work and eating apples and cucmbers slices for snacks. I must pat myself on the back because my daughter baked cookies for her class last night and i didn't want not a one. yea me! cookies and cakes are my weaknesses therefore, I know not to even take the first bite.

My apple & cheese day was messed up because that morning, I couldn't decide whether to to an apple & cheese day or high protein. so I did a combo of both .

Breakfast - atkins shake
snack - sliced cucumbers
Lunch -2 apples & 2 slices of cheese
snack - atkins shake
snack - apple & 6 cheese cubes
dinner - you know it - leftover pork steak @ apple

I bought a couple of steaks last night. man they're expensive. As you can see I have no problem eating the same thing repeatedly when I find something I like. tonight I'm have beef steak and I drank smooth move last night ( I hate that stuff). I haven't had "one" in a while.

Happy losing all ! thank you for being you!


  1. You have the right attitude! isnt it amazing how this changes your thought processes about everything - not just food! Hooray for you on your new habits!! Have you tried the chocolate flavor smooth move? Its not as strong as the original flavor.

  2. Lis is right, Gena- you've got such a great attitude! I love your philosophy: 'eat clean and be happy'! I'm going to remember that!

  3. Actually, Diva, I got "eat clean" from you in one of your other posts...:)


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